Help!!! Louis Vuitton Accessory for a Rookie!

  1. So I'm trying to decide on a Louis Vuitton accessory to purchase. This will be my first LV purchase ever so I am super excited! Any recommendations? I am looking for something useful that will be timeless and classy for years to come.
    Below are a few that I've been considering. Does anyone own any of those items and able to provide some feedback on their practicality? Thanks much!:wlae:
    LV_10770017_pomme_h_v2_pu.jpg p11322611_ph_althero_Noir.jpg p10470508_ph_althero_Black.jpg p10509900_ph_althero_Perle.jpg p10022617_ph_hero.jpg
  2. i say the cles, MC or Vernis is fine, but if you want to use it almost every other day, i say the MC.
  3. I would go with the MC Pochette MM, since you can use it as a key holder, card holder and even big enough to hold a cell. So you could actually carry this on it's own and for quick errands.
  4. i would go for a mc wapity
  5. of all the choices, i'd go w/cosmetic bag, it's chic to use as clutch :yes: Or I'd get a pochette.
  6. It's so hard to decide!! I think I will ultimately need to decide between the pochette and the key/change holder in the multicolore pattern. The smaller one worries me because I don't think it will hold too much. Does anyone have that one?
  7. the cles is just enough to hold some cash and coins. the pochette would work well as a small bag - can hold a cellphone, keys, small wallet and lipstick. however, if you're looking for something a little smaller than that, try the mini-pochette. it can carry a small cellphone, a credit card holder and a lipstick PLUS it's got a very cute chain!
  8. The Cles For The Entree~~~!!! Lol I Love The Clesss
  9. A cles or a pochette would be a good accessory to start off... :yes:
  10. What about the new LE vernis cles? This is larger than the standard cles....
  11. i say item one or two...or better yeat one and two hahaha
  12. I say go for number 3. It's cute. You could ofcourse also get a pochette I think oyu can really get some use out of that.
  13. I say go for something in Mono Canvas as a first piece. With that said, I'd go with either a Pochette or a Pochette Cosmetique.
  14. I have the Vernis cles in pearl. It's beautifull, but not all that practical.. ;) I would also suggest the new vernis cles, it's a bit bigger..
    But the inclusion bracelet is also very beautiful.
  15. upon seeing the title of your post...without seeing what your choices were... my first thought was the cles... that was my first LV and I've had it for years now (Mono)... I also own the cos case.. just got that for xmas... ENJOY!