HELP! Louis Orange Tote Bag ID??

  1. Any one know the story behind this mysterious piece, or better yet where to get one?


  2. an awful fake ?
  3. thats kinda cool but I think is fake
  4. I've never seen it!
  5. could it be one of the bags turned inside out? Not familiar to me though.
  6. Looks weird, I believe it's fake.
  7. Looks like a fake to me...
  8. there was a thread about this a few weeks ago and a few members thought it was a fashion show gift. generally it wasnt thought that it was a fake.
    the pic was taken at the shows at paris(i think) fashion week
  9. It's one Fugly fake and she's wearing fake fur too:throwup:
  10. Yep, I started that thread before however due to the rule of the forum the link was removed. Anyway, I actually believe that orange LV bag is real since it was shot in Paris Fashion Week and she was surrounded by bunch of fashionistas...
  11. It looks fake.
  12. It looks fake...and ugly!