HELP, LOUBS BROKE after first wear.. See pics :,(

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  1. The pictures speak for themselves... I am posting for my friend who JUST popped out her loubs for her birthday yesterday, and after ONE day of wear -

    1. the front of the sole is peeling off and
    2. the lacquer that runs at the back of the heel is ALSO peeling.

    A little more back story: The shoe was thoroughly inspected before wear, and this is actually the babies first day out of the box for about three years (talk about waiting for that special moment..!) These were not RAN in, just comfortably walked to and from an office job on smooth, non-rugged pavements.

    She has already contacted the Christian Louboutin boutique at South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA) and is waiting on their diagnosis.

    What would you do if you were her? Has this happened to anyone before? Is it a quality issue? Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated during this time of mourning... Thank you in advance! :rain:

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  2. That happened to me actually - my heel broke on a pair of Filos on the first wear. I did take them to Minuit Moins 7 in London and they had to fix it twice. However they are now fine...

    Not sure what else they can advise but to send them to the cobbler.
  3. Did she store them inside the box in a closet the whole time? I know that can happen when shoes aren't aired out.
  4. if the shoes sat in a box for 3 years, chances are they started to dry. So I don't think it's a quality issue

    I would contact a good cobbler in the area. I can recommend Santana Creative in Raleigh, NC. I drop off my shoes there when I go to visit my parents. They do WONDERFUL work. I wouldn't pay to send them to MM7 in London or Paris (i've used them, dropping off and picking up on my trips to Paris), when there are good cobblers in the US.
  5. First day out of the box for THREE years? Not really sure what the boutique will do and it's definitely not a quality issue. It's a storage issue. The moisture has been sucked out and the shoes dry rotted. You shouldn't leave anything boxed up for that long or you will get that type of damage. There's been a few stories on here with people doing this with storing their bags for a long time and it starts to crack. I'd imagine that's the same thing.

    She should contact a cobbler and get them repaired and then start wearing them.
  6. Wow, I had no idea that shoes could dry like that!! If that's the case, what are the usual procedures for "airing out" bags and shoes then? :O I'm shocked I never learned of this before!

    UPDATE: after careful review, the Christian Louboutin boutique in South Coast Plaza (CA) has graciously offered to professionally reattach the sole completely free of charge. They just needed to look up my name for her in the system (will be under the name of the original buyer), if it was purchased in store or online, and verify the last 4 digits of my card to proceed with the store's service (which is typically a paid service).

    We would have been horrified if nothing could be done by the boutique, but we're so grateful it could be repaired for free. This thread goes out to all the ladies out there to learn from this experience! :smile:

    Thank you all so much for your tips and advice!! It's your expertise that helps everyone become wiser :smile: