Tech Help! Lost the disc for Canon EOS 20D Camera and can't download the software...

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  1. Pretty self explanatory, really - we've lost (well, actually, my partner has - he's notorious for losing things, unfortunately!) the disc for our Canon EOS 20D camera and when we tried to download the software from the Canon website, it didn't work, for some reason? :shrugs:

    So, now we're stuck with a useless camera! :sweatdrop:

    Does anyone know of anywhere reliable where we might be able to pick up a replacement disc?

    Ideally, it would be from the UK, but elsewhere, if need be?

    That's assuming it would be the same disc, all over the world, of course (you can tell I don't know much about these things, can't you?!)? :shrugs:

    Thanks so much, in advance, for any help you can give us! :flowers:
  2. if you're only wanting it to transfer pictures, hope is not lost!! all you need to do is purchase a card reader and they're pretty cheap. they're basically just something that plugs into your usb drive and your insert your memory card. you can search online for "usb card reader" and you can find them almost everywhere. not sure what types of stores you have in the uk... but any office supply stores or anything comparible to walmart or target.
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    ^ Thanks so much for the reply, ILS! :flowers:

    Sorry for the delay! :shame:

    Yes, we only need to transfer pics from the camera to the laptop.

    So, just to clarify - you plug the card reader into the PC/laptop's USB drive, is that correct?

    Also, I don't think the camera came with a separate memory card? Could it be an integral part of the camera and if so, would that make any difference?

    I'll have to find the instruction booklet and see what it says...
  4. well hmm... if it doesn't come with a memory card (although i find that slightly odd....?) then there might be an issue.

    but yes, card readers normally just plug into the usb slot. sometimes they look like flash drives or they are a small 'block' that connects to your usb via a cable (that comes with the reader). just google 'usb card reader' and you will see all different kinds.

    also, have you tried to transfer the photos without the software? i know some computers allow it and some don't and also depends on the camera. if you have a PC all you have to do is connect your camera with the cable (like you would normally do to transfer photos). then go into "my computer" and select the drive (it'll be a weird letter like D or E or F or something). and if that works then a folder will pop up that containers a folder of your pictures. then all you would have to do is select and move them to a different folder on your computer. if you are on a mac, if you plug the cable in and no icon pops up on your desktop then you need the softward. if an icon does pop up then you can just click on the icon and a folder with your photos will pop up.

    hope that helps! i personally hate using the software that comes with the cameras. i think it takes too much time to transfer photos that way.
  5. ^ You just plug the whole camera (via a cable, obviously!) into the laptop/PC and then (assuming you have the software installed on the PC!), it downloads the pics.

    Yes, I've tried to download the photos without the software - didn't work - a box comes up that says:

    'Windows needs to install driver software for your Canon digital Camera'.

    Then it gives me three options:

    Locate and install driver software (recommended).
    Windows will guide you through the process of installing driver software for your device.

    Ask me again later.
    Windows will ask again the next time you plug in your device or log on.

    Don't show this message again for this device.
    Your device will not function until you install driver software.

    None of which do any good! :nogood:

    I just tried, again, trying to follow your instructions and it still didn't seem to work (couldn't find the correct drive, or a folder with the pics), but maybe I'm doing something wrong? :shrugs:

    Thanks so much for your help, BTW (I really appreciate it!)! :flowers:
  6. You camera should have a memory card. Maybe where the batteries go? Why can't you DL the sw from the Canon site? The Canon site should also have the manual that you can DL as well.
    As for the current issue, maybe Windows already has a driver for it. Did you click the option to let Windows search for a driver?
    If all else fails, I'll DL the software, then upload it to a hosting site for you to DL from. I can't do it now cause I'm at work.
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    ^ You're both right, of course! :yes:

    Found the memory card slot on the side (I thought that was something else, like an idiot!) - I must have put it in there when we first got the camera (about 6 years ago!) and had no reason to remove it since. :lol: :shame:

    I think it was probably some kind of Windows Vista compatibility problem? But I'm not completely sure?

    Yes, I let Windows try to 'Locate and install driver software' and it couldn't find it - I could always try to do it again and then tell you exactly what it says, if you need me to?

    Thanks for your help, Charles and thanks so much for offering to do that - that's really kind of you! :flowers:
  8. yay for a memory card! that means you can buy a card reader if you can't get the driver to work.
  9. ^ Yes, I know! :yahoo:

    Thank goodness (and you both!) for that! :biggrin:
  10. Tell me which SW you want me to DL
  11. ^ Well, I would have thought it was this one, as it's for Windows Vista and in English (but now I'm worried that I'm wrong, somehow?):

    I tried to download it, again and a box saying the following appeared:

    'You cannot install EOS 20D WIA Driver on this computer. Verify whether the required environment for use has been satisfied.
    Cancel transaction.


    Do you know what that could mean, at all?

    This is all the software I have to choose from for Windows Vista:

    If I have selected the right one, but there's a problem, for some reason, will that problem disappear if you download it for me, first, Charles? Or will the problem still remain, do you think?
  12. BTW, I'll have to go to bed, soon, as it's late here - so if I don't reply for a few hours, please don't think I'm ignoring you, or anything! :biggrin:

    Thanks again, both of you, for your help! :flowers:
  13. Thanks for the link, Charles, but I'm afraid it didn't work - a box came up, which said:

    'The software to be updated could not be found.
    Insert the CD-ROM that came with your Canon product containing the following software into the CD drive, and then click [Start CD Search].

    EOS Utility
    EOS Viewer Utility
    File Viewer Utility
    CameraWindow DSLR

    CD drive:


    Start CD Search
    Cancel install'


    BTW, I contacted Canon about this problem, months ago, and didn't hear back from them, at all. :tdown:
  14. Ok, from what I can tell, Canon doesn't offer the actual sw for dl. Only updates, and you have to have a previous version installed in order for the updates to work. So...where's the actual sw?? I searched around and found this: I'm at work, so I can't access Rapidshare, but give that a shot and let me know if it works. It's a .rar file, which you can open with WinRar (Google it, it's free). Once you open it with WinRar, extract the exe (I'm assuming it's an exe file), install the sw, then go back to the Canon site and install all of the updates.
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