Help! Lost the chain to my new wristlet...

  1. Please help...I went to the gym this morning and when I got home, I looked in my bag to find my little Punch colored Coach tag from my wristlet laying in the bottom.:crybaby: I don't know what could've happened to the chain?!?! How can I get a replacement little chain for the Coach Tag on my new (week old) Sign. Strip Wristlet??? Can I get one from the store? Online? How much? Please help! Thank you!!!
  2. You should be able to go to the store and get one.
  3. call coach's 800# they will replace for free!!
  4. If you don't want to wait you can go to any walmart into the lamp section and they have that exact chain for ceiling fan/lamps. It is the pull chains they sell for a few $'s and then you can cut it very easily to the size you need.
  5. oh i'm so sorry to hear that :crybaby: please let us know how it all turns out!
  6. im so sorry about that...i hope you can get another one...
  7. exactly what i was going to say. of all the things to need replacing, the chain is very easy!
  8. Go into a Coach store or call the number.

    That chain is not really part of Coach's product differentiation, persay. It'll be relatively easy to locate a new one. You'll be fine, don't stress!
  9. Agreed! Otherwise, Home Depot or Lowe's should carry something like that. Even a bead shop if you have one in your area.
  10. That happened to me once. I got the chain for free . Try and check it out at your nearest store. Good luck!