Help! Looking for this 'Gilmore Girls' Purse

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  1. There's this pink purse that Lorelei carries on 'Gilmore Girls'. Does anyone know what kind of purse this is?

  2. Sorry! Don't know, but she always has such cute purses on the show!
  3. Sorry, I dont know either. Anyone else? Its very cute!
  4. Can anyone find it? I can't beilve how little info there is on this bag!
    I'd like to get but I can't find it any where. :'(
  5. The only thing I have read is they used a lot of MJ bags on the set. Does that help any?
  6. I used to have a leather Coach that looked similar but don't have it anymore and I really know nothing about Coach bags. Sorry.
  7. Five years later after the OP made her original request, it looks like something made by Marc Jacobs, but probably no longer available since this is so oooolllldddd. Might keep an eye out on the 'bay.
  8. Haha, I am a Gilmore Girls addict and knew exactly what you meant when I saw the title. I also remember hearing that that is an MJ purse. I tried to find the name but didn't see anything. :/
  9. im pretty sure that's it's MJ, but its a veeeeeeery old style. best bet is to search eBay! ive never seen that particular style on eBay, but ive seen some similar styles from the same line.
  10. Better late than never, OP! Actually, I thought it looked like MJ.
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