Help... Looking for the old SDJ in grained black leather!


Jun 11, 2016
Hello ladies,

I am desperately looking for the old SDJ in black grained leather. That's the one that is lined and heavier, with the internal pockets.

I have considered pre-loved but I would only buy from a reputable seller and a bag in new or mint condition.

I'm not in the US and see that Nordstrom appears to still have some in stock:

Does this look like the old one to you? Has anyone seen it in store at Nordstrom? Or anywhere else and if so where? Am I just being silly and should I buy the new one? The new design doesn't feel as luxurious for some reason, there is no lining or pocket other than the middle pocket and whilst it is much lighter, I just long for the older style.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and if you are able to help, I am very grateful!