Help!Looking for the black Camellia jelly with cream flower!


Sep 29, 2008
Hello Ladies,

Sorry if this is the wrong place where to post this, I've not done it before. I am desperately looking for a pair of the black jelly flip flops with the cream camellia. I had my name put down for a pair in the Brompton road store in London, but when I was there yesterday to pick up another pair of shoes I found out that the new version of the flip flop has a black camellia and not cream :sad:. Then they will also come in beige and pale pink but the camellias will be the same colour as the flip flop itself. I was really wanting the black with white camellia ones as I already have a pair of black jellys form Tods that look very similar. I would even be interested in the cream with white camellia. Can any of you girls help me find a pair in size 39 or 40? And if abroad do you know if the boutiques in US etc will ship to UK?

thank you!


Hopelessly Addicted
Oct 30, 2008
I know they ship internationally from but I am not sure if they do from the store. Just call the store and speak to any salesperson in designer shoes and they will help you.