Help! Looking for tattersall style number

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  1. Today at the outlet I bought a 100% cashmere muffler with a tattersall pattern. It was number 98717 and it comes with different colored backgrounds - blue, gray, ivory. The one I got has an ivory background. There's a picture of it at the link below (nma). The MSRP was $168 and with the markdown, clearance, and 20% coupon I got it for $55!

    I really like it and I would like to get some matching accessories,especially a hat. I checked ebay, bonanazle, and craiglist and although I found some tattersall hats it's hard to tell if they are a match to my new muffler. The colors in the pictures aren't always true. Does anyone know the style numbers for matching hats and/or other accessories - if any?

    I've never called Jax but if I called them could they assist me? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. ^ for that tattersall pattern, or the grey one there are NO matching accessories. Any pieces you are finding are for either a MFF tattersall pattern, or older canvas tattersall pattern.
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    Oh darn! Well, thanks for letting me know. Is my muffler MFF?

    Can you suggest a solid-colored coach hat that matches one of the colors in the muffler - like a blue/teal hat, or even ivory! I want to wear it with a dark brown coat. Thanks again!
  4. The muffler (if it's 100% cashmere) is a FP delete, not MFF.

    There are a few MFF hats in wool with Teal and black... forget the other colors the wool crushers came in.

  5. Thanks again, it is 100% cashmere so that's nice to know.