Help! Looking for spring trench coats

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  1. Anyone?

    I haven't been to any store this week and I barely have time to shop (work and school, both fulltime). :sad:

    Any suggestions? I don't need any high end designers. My budget is around $100-$300 max.

    Thanks again ladies.! :yes:
  2. I just bought a lightweight trench at Nordstrom's. It is from Michael by Michael Kors. I bought it in black. They had other colors. It was $128.00
  3. You could try express. I have heard they have a red and a yellow trench.
  4. OMG, I just bought a fab trench from the Gap, it think it was $99, here's a stock photo of it. It's very roomy, it's cut large, so you may want to go a size smaller, and so comfortable. I wore it the other day and got compliments on it. It comes in silvery grey or chocolate brown. I got the grey one, it has a bit of a crinkle look to it:

  5. It's a bit over your budget, but Juicy Couture has a nice trench coat (called Sunny Day trench) for spring at $350. It was featured in Us Magazine last week (as worn by Eva Longoria, Carmen Electra, and someone else but I forgot who). I have one in cream/beige and I'm lovin it.
  6. madonna for h&m has a really nice trench for $99 - coming out this thursday!
  7. I'd check out Banana Republic. They have pretty well made trenches that last.