Help ! Looking for Speedy/Papillon Miroir

  1. One of the Miroir handbag is supposed to be my birthday present last year(Nov 2006), I am so unfortunate that although being #1 in the waiting list now, I am not able to get my birthday present since the store that I have put myself in the waiting list is not going to get any more! :shocked: :cry:

    If you know/heard that any store (inside or outside US) still has any Miroir available, please Do let me know which store, I will call them right away.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Have you tried 866 Vuitton to see if there's anymore? I'm really not too familiar of the availability of these pieces, but yes, let-trade does have a papillon, I think...
  3. Sorry that your store wasn't able to help you out. But there aren't any stores in the US that carry the Speedy in any colour anymore. tehy're all sold out and the line was so limited, that there won't be anymore fabricated.

    But if you want a Miroir Lockit, I hear they're coming in July :yahoo:
  4. Hm....I never tried it really 'authentic'?

    I tried 866 Vuitton already, same answer.

    Poufiasse, good to hear that Miroir Lockit is available in July ! Is it for real? :nuts::drinks: you don't know how sad I am in these days, I asked my boyfriend don't ever mention it again! The worst part is I had a chance to look at them, touch them, try them on the day before it was lauched but end up I cannot get any! It is too frustrated!

    Another thing is I suspect that my store actually sells the bag to their VIP customers although I am in the waiting list way ahead, but I don't have any evidence.
  5. Let-Trade is authentic. :yes: I've bought from them twice with no problems. They're a consignment store in Hong Kong, and I am pretty sure they buy their bags from a very upscale clientele (HK is very trendy so a lot of women like to change their bags a lot...and they like to get the latest and the greatest). Some of the bags listed look like they've never been used (but are priced accordingly).

    The miroir pieces they have listed seem reasonable for what they're going for on eBay.
  6. There are still a lot on display here in London but I don't know how can you order them if you're not in UK.
  7. You can try on eBay there are few miroir speedy for sell, but before you do anything just check with us if the seller is a reputable seller, you don't want to ended up screwed.
  8. Go for the speedy mami, the papillon get wrinkle on the handles and after some time it's not good lookin'

    I got both speedies like many of the gurls here, we can't wait to have an other miroir sista! :yahoo:

  9. now that is sittin over here with my paps...

  10. Hi Vicky, can you tell me which store in London? Do you happen to have the phone# of the store on hand? I search the website, they just have a generic number to call and it is always busy. :crybaby:
  11. While we are at it:

    Has anybody seen a Silver Miroir Pochette in a European store lately?