Help! Looking for Silver Paris Biarritz Tote (with pockets)

  1. Hi.

    I just wanted to send message around again to check if anyone has seen recently the Paris Biarritz in Silver (with white) tote - the one with the pockets on the side?

    I am on a neverending mission to find this... everywhere seems to have sold out. Can anyone please help??? thanks very much:smile:
  2. Palm Beach Gardens , fl boutique. I was just there today.
  3. They had it! thankyou so much for that!!!:yahoo:
  4. Great I am glad.....enjoy! I usually work with Jillian there. She is amazing- they have a great team. Who helped you?
  5. Yep they were very helpful. I spoke with Joanne - she was lovely. thanks again for your help!