HELP! Looking for red D&G patent leather purse

  1. I'm looking for the red D&G patent leather purse, shown here on e-luxury in the pictures: eLUXURY - null - null=

    Unfortunately, they only offer the black and green ones at the moment, and I really need the red one (for my wife's birthday). I went to the D&G store in SoHo (NYC), and they only had this bag in green or white. The genuinely unhelpful staff told me they had no way of knowing if this bag even existed in red (apparently it does, or else e-luxury wouldn't have the picture).

    Does anyone have any good ideas on where to track this down?

    Note: D&G have a different bag in red patent leather, but I really would like the one in the link above.

    Thanks for everyone's help!

  2. The picture and info isn't coming up through the link
  3. Please describe the bag because the pic is not showing up. Thanks!
  4. ooh, what a pretty bag! I hope you find it!
  5. Wow-It looks great in RED
  6. It is a really cute bag, have you tried calling dept stores to see if they carry D&G and that particular bag? Worst comes to worst, maybe call the corporate number on the website, if there's one.
  7. ^^ITA.You could try calling D&G stores around the country and asking if they have it in stock- good luck!
  8. What a lovely husband you are :smile: ! I also recommend you phone the stores.