Help! looking for quilted stam on sale!!!

  1. hi tpfers,

    happy 2008!

    i am dying for a quilted stam in any standard colour and i'm so happy for all of you that got it at less than $600!!!! if anyone sees one, please please let me know. i've called around some nordie's but everything is gone :sad: and left my contact in case there is a return. would love one in black or navy, but......i can't be too picky.

    thanks so much in advance.

  2. I didn't get one either :crybaby:
    My SA at Nordstroms looked them up and called every store that showed as having one (including their own store!) and no one has any left. I think the only way to get one now is to be lucky enough to find one that's been returned, but then there's a possibility that it might not be in that great of condition.

    Footcandy still has a Patchwork one for $775!JAC&csurl=%2Fistar%2Easp%3Fa%3D3%26dept%3DA%26manufacturer%3DJAC%26sortby%3D%26numperpage%3D12%26
    And a Metallic Bronze one for $875!JAC&csurl=%2Fistar%2Easp%3Fa%3D3%26dept%3DA%26manufacturer%3DJAC%26sortby%3D%26numperpage%3D12%26

    (the brown quilted one at $675 is gone)

    Either that, or wait for the S/S sales - maybe now that so many PFers got one, there may be a better chance of getting one during the next round of sales/markdowns.

    Plus, there's always eBay - and you CAN find authentic Stams at a decent price
  3. You might want to try Barney's if you like the elastic quilted stams... not sure if they're still available but it's worth a try!

    Neiman's may have them as well... considering that they haven't had last call yet, there might still be a couple out there.

    I'm pretty sure Saks is cleaned out.
  4. thank you both for your tips :smile: i will wait......such a craving!!!
  5. I just posted in the MJ sale sightings thread but I just saw a blue-green colored quilted stam at Nordstrom Rack in Lynnwood, WA for $499. It's beautiful.
  6. SA Peggy at Nordstrom Seattle had an ivory patchwork Stam on sale for $945 right before Christmas, but I have no idea if she still has it. You can call her at (206) 628-1253. She held it for me for a day, but I e-mailed and told her I wanted to wait for a quilted one. If she still has it, perhaps it's on second markdown. Good luck! Did just see a Plum quilted East West Stam on ShopBop moments ago for $8-something.
  7. omg thank u so much for this info. i went there and bought my 1st MJ bag actually for $460. that's a great deal! i will call them tomorrow! thanks again. i was looking for a black but this color sounds quite pretty.
  8. thanks baghound! i went on shopbop and didn't see it but i am also looking for a quilted one. the hunt continues :smile:
  9. Is this the quilted little Stam in Teal?!?!
  10. I just posted in the sale thread about a Sapphire Blue Elastic bag from SA Peggy at Nordstrom Seattle (206)-628-1253. See pic in sale thread... I think it's an elastic Mina?

  11. Another tpf-er already snagged it. It was actually a TOPAZ stam. It was so pretty. Wish I could have gotten it myself.
  12. oh NO! i have been looking for a topaz stam for like a year least one that i wouldn't be paying over a grand for and in brand new condition!:crybaby: