Help looking for Patent Leather Tote

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  1. I am looking fot Patent Leather Tote. I found a Tote called the Bon Bon Tote is is from few seasons ago. I have only seen picures as the Neiman Marcus store that has it is far from me. Since I am new Chanel World
    I wanted to know if anyone has seen or has this bag and if they like it.
    I am really wanting GST in Patent but I can't find it anywhere if anyone knows if any store has it please leave me contact info.I know there is some new bags coming out but I heard most of them are Vinyl so I wanted to know what you think of this Bon Bon tote should I get it? Or wait it looks nice so tell me what you think or if anyone know any other nice Large Patent bags anywhere I can get. Bon Bon Tote is the middle one. Please Help.Thanks
  2. would love to help but can't access pic. can you upload a pic?