HELP! Looking For Mens Vintage Look Lace Boots!

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  1. I have grown out of one of my suits (trousers) so I have decided to use the jacket for an outfit.

    I was thinking Jacket over a plain white shirt, some tight jeans and some... vintage looking boots!

    The only thing is, I dont have any boots.

    I was thinking maybe a rusty sort of colour?

    I have no idea where I can find them, I have checked River Island and places but there's none that really stand out for me.

  2. You should post this in the shoe section.
  3. You can find some amazing vintage men's boots on Ebay
  4. My bad, didn't know there was a special shoe section!

    Thanks for moving it :smile:

    Ooh ebay might be a good idea, thanks!
  5. You could check out shoes from Margiela, Rick Owens, Pierre Hardy and Dior Homme. Those are my favourite brands for shoes, and they have a couple of vintage-looking boots!!
  6. Thanks guys.

    I've taken a look but you know when you have seen some and you sort of have that image in your head?

    Maybe I will go shopping on the weekend and try some on and see if they look any good with jeans