Help!!! Looking For Mbmj Dakota Dr. Q

  1. Im desperate to find the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dakota Dr. Q Tote, and I cannot find it ANYWHERE !!! I believe its from the Fall 07 line, but I'm not positive... Any tips would be greatly appreciated !!!
  2. Do you have a pic of it? I know there's a Delancey tote and a Dr. Q Tote but I don't recall MbyMJ having a Dakota Dr. Q tote? :wondering

    Is this the tote you're talking about? This is the Dr. Q tote.

  3. i remember seeing it on, but it's not there anymore. however, i know that it's available in the stores because i saw the black one there last weekend. try calling Barneys in new york. the number is 212-826-8900 and have them do a charge send. good luck!
  4. This is the MBMJ Dakota Dr. Q

  5. Oh, is that what that bag is called? I saw it at the Barney's co-op in SoHo (NY) awhile ago (in black) and then at the MBMJ boutique a week or two ago (in white/cream). I haven't seen it anywhere else so I would call those two places to check.

    It's so cute! It's a nice size (not too big, not too small) and if I didn't have an almost exact bag I totally would have gotten it.
  6. if you live around nj i saw it recently in the Barneys C:huh:p in the Riverside Square Mall in hackensack
  7. Thanks for the tips !
  8. Can someone tell me the price of this bag? Looking for it when in NY next week, thanks!
  9. ANYONE?? please!!
  10. Thank yoooou!