HELP!! Looking for LV-Inyl Black Messenger from FW06 Women's Show Collection

  1. Call 866-Vuitton they may be able to locate one for you. I believe they're sold out and none to be found on eBay even.
  2. it's never available in store because that bag is exclusively reserved for VIP only. I had the chance of buying that in Hong Kong in Nov 06. But at that time, I was saving money hard for my other things so I gave up the chance. Ms. Karen Kooper used to have one for sale... but also sold out... hope someone can help me or sell the used one..
  3. The bags were available for people on waitlists only, and were sold out before Christmas.

    If I see one online, I'll be sure to give you a holler. ;)
  4. thanks a lot!
  5. Believe it or not, I actually saw it in my store in Melbourne! It was at their party in February. I think LV does transfers between countries, but in Australia they do charge a 50% deposit on it.
  6. I agree it was for sale here too....I think the price in Aus is $6.1k