Help! Looking for...LV Diaper Bag Ebene

  1. eLuxury just removed the most recent LV diaper bag from their line up. The color was Ebene and it was approx. $1950 USD. Does anyone know, if they remove a bag from eLux, do they remove it from stores also?

    Having a baby in 6 weeks and was hoping to make this as my 'last hurrah' purchase before the baby comes!
  2. Just because it was removed from eLuxury doesn't mean it isn't available anymore in stores. You can call 1-866-VUITTON and have them locate the bag for you and do a charge send...I believe it is called the Sac A Langer. I was in the store in Bala Cynwyd the other day and I'm almost positive I saw the SA showing the bag to a customer, so you might even want to give them a call directly. Good Luck.
  3. They still have them in stores. Call around and I'm sure you'll find one.
  4. That's adorable ! And hey, since this is the "last hurrah" - don't forget, you also get a push present. :graucho:
  5. They have them in the Blommingdales in NYC. I saw the ebene and the baby blue model. This is about two weeks ago, so they may not be there but you can give it a try.
  6. Thanks so much, all!