Help:Looking for lightweight large bag!

  1. I have been stuck on the Balenciaga section for over 3 months now and have fallen behind on all the new handbag designers that have been debuting their collection, but now I am ready to try a new label, ladies, would love to hear your suggestions!!:flowers:
  2. are you looking for something specific?

    tano has some great lightweight large bags with great spring colors
  3. Minnie05, no, nothing specific, I just want it to be lightweight! I am interested in Deere Colhoun Sienna, I emailed Revolve and they said the bag weighs just undred 3lbs, what do you guys think? I am just so scared it would be like the Kooba I had before, they were so heavy!:sad: And I already have a little back problem as it is!! I will check PosseNYC and Tano!
  4. Bottega Veneta's woven hobos tend to be very lightweight. :yes:
  5. Ooh get the Deere Colhoun Sienna bag. I love the look of it.