HELP! Looking for hair dresser in Vancouver.

  1. Hello Vancourverians! In need of your help in finding a good hair dresser for styling hair. I have several weddings to attend and I need a good hair dresser to do miricle with my short hair. My hair is as short as Victoria Beckham's hair. So, I guess there isn't much to be done. Maybe the stylist can do decoration on it? humm.. I don't know. I honestly prefer Asian hair stylist as they know the texture to our asian hair best. Thanks :smile: !
  2. have u tried Chura? i think that's their name. the people who work there are asian (korean i think), very stylish too. they are on 411 west hastings, near Homer st. hope that helps. u can call them too, 604 685 1006.
  3. Thanks betseylover. Hasting is abit too far from where I live. I'm quite hestitate to drive ard Hasting area cos that area freaks me out. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. AOI hair salon owns by Japanese and all the hair stylists are Japanese. I really like this stylish I think her name was Ikuko. I went to her to get my hair styled and she did this really nice Japanese big waves for my hair. My hair is long though but I'm sure she'll be as good for short hair people. Phone number is 604-688-2122. They're on 520 Beatty street close to Stadium skytrain station so you can take a skytrain and walk 2 mins from Stadium skytrain station to the salon4-688-2122 604-688-2122
  5. Eunika.... Was the wave permanent? If so, how much was it? I want a wave but I dont trust anyone unless it comes from a good recommendation.