HELP -- Looking for GST in S/H

  1. Does anyone know where I can order the GST with s/h? All Nordies are out of stock and the chanel here in VA does not have it either. I would not having it shipped. Desperatley want this bag before the price increase. Thanks so all my ladies on here in advance:smile:
  2. Call Marilyn at NM at Tyson's Galleria 703-761-1600. i got mine from her and I love it with the silver. Let her know Mary referred you. If you don't have a NM or AMEX card, you can get a gift card on-line to make the purchase.
  3. Have your Chanel store have one transferred in for you- it's called a charge send. You have to have your card charged but you can return it on the spot if you don't like it. I know for sure that the Chanel in San Francisco has a plethora of GSTs. Good luck- make sure to get one before the price increase~!!
  4. i also saw one at the NM Scottsdale. Ask for Rita (let her know Christi) recommended you to her. :jammin:
  5. Chanel Ala Moana had one last time I checked.