HELP-Looking for flat boots

  1. I'm looking for a cute flat boot to wear with dresses. Anyone have any suggestions? TIA
  2. there was a thread on this like last week and there were some pretty good suggestions. i suggested doris by donald j pliner. they're cute round-toe flat boots. not uber-trendy, but stylish.
  3. i like these:

    dolce vita, tropez-2 boots, $220 (


    seychelles "at last" boot, $150 (

    i've tried both of these on and they were comfortable and adorable. the seychelles run .5 size big.
  4. I tried the Dr Martins Onyx Hi Lace boots yesterday and they were very nice...
  5. I saw someone wearing a lovely Escada pair today - sorry, not sure what season!
  6. I have ones similar to these and love them

    Sudini Boots
  7. chanel and prada usually have some good ones.
  8. go to and click on the sale , then shoes, click lanvin and both the leather and patent flat boots are on sale. - you are lucky if you have small feet.
    they are the best boots.:tup:
  9. I would also recommend Loeffler Randall ones. I have just got myself a pair & I love them!!
  10. The Loeffler Randall Penelope ones are on my wishlist!
    I recently (and by recently, I mean yesterday) picked up a pair of black flat Repetto boots.
  11. Frye has some cute ones.
  12. THANKS, I will check out all of your awesome suggestions.