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  1. hi everone. im new to this forum but i didnt know where else to turn to. I saw someone with a coach wristlet, larger than the normal sized ones. It had a unique patchwork dessign with multicolored rectangles of coach designed fabric(?) some patches were furry. sorry for the bad description, hopefully someone knows what im talking about but i must have it i just cant find it or explain it right. if anyone has any idea what im talkin about or wat collection it might be from/pics...HELP? id appreciate it :smile:
  2. [​IMG]

    Sorry i don't know how to resive pictures. This is the holiday 05 patchwork, if this is not the one i can continue to look.
  3. omg it does look like that..the color scheme/dessign is right...but it wasn that was bigger and some patches had fur but i know your in the right neighborhood i remember the purple and the leopard print thanks!!
  4. the leopard is fur
    and it is larger than normal wristlets
    it just looks small in that pic :smile:
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