Help ! Looking for classic lambskin flap

  1. Hi. I'm looking for a classic lambskin flap in black. Can anyone tell me the prices of the small, medium and jumbo now ? Does anyone know if the new flap bag with new chain is here to stay ? and how much ??? Saw a red one and it's exquisite. :wtf:
  2. I believe the price of the medium caviar is $1995 and jumbo caviar is $2250.:yes:
  3. Smoothoprter. Thanks. What about the classic lambskin ? Is the one with the new chain cheaper ?
  4. Lambskin medium is $2150, not sure about jumbo. The new chain is cheaper, medium is $1850 or $1950 (I believe there was a discrepancy between BG and other stores?). Smooth, can you confirm?
  5. whats the new chain?
  6. chanel15.jpg

    The strap is different. Picture courtesy of Pejo.
  7. Smooth... Any idea how much is the jumbo lambskin going for ? Thanks