Help! Looking for Chelsea Leather Satchel in Parchment

  1. I fell in love with the Chelsea satchel in two-tone parchment/brown on Coach's web site. But alas, it has disappeared from the Web site. The closest store to me that carries Coach is a one-day drive from my house. Is there any other way I can find this purse?

    I'd really prefer not to buy off eBay or from the sellers linked to Amazon.

    Someone on another shopping site said that one can simply phone a Coach outlet store, ask for the specific purse and have it delivered. Is this true?

    I guess I should have leaped when I first saw it. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. I just bought the vintage one in Seattle and I could swear I saw what you are looking for. Try calling the store on 417 University: 206 382-1772, Pacific Place 206 264-0372, or University Village 206 729-5908.
  3. I saw this one in the store on 84 st and Broadway in Manhattan -maybe they can ship it?
  4. Thanks, guys! I just found the purse on Dillard's web site. But now I'm going back and forth on whether I should buy the vintage satchel or the parchment one. I love them both but my checkbook says "one please." :crybaby: