Help! Looking for Botkier Lita Hobo...can't find it anywhere!

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  1. I wonder if any of you have ever seen this Botkier Lita Hobo lately? I've been looking everywhere and I just can't find it! The only one I find is the one in black satin with patent trim, but I really don't want a satin bag, since it's so hard to clean. Any of you seen the leather one anywhere?
    THanks in advance!

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  2. I saw a couple in satin on, and some on ebay....I'd make sure to have them authenticated though.
  3. I'd try checking ebay or Bonanzle! I think I saw a leather one recently on ebay. IA, though, it'd be good to have it authenticated first too, just in case.
  4. thanks Hisgeekygrrrl and starkfan! I just checked ebay and bonanzle, and yes, I actually saw a black satin and a fucshia leather there....I'll keep an eye on them....thanks so much for finding them...I almost lost hope. :P:P
  5. I saw one at Nordstrom Rack about a month ago. It was the black satin. It was the first time I saw the lita and fell in love. I didn't buy it right then b/c I have another black satin, but afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about it! A few days later I went back and it was gone :sad: I've been wanting one ever since!

    Let me know if you see any in the leather, and I will do the same!
  6. which Nordstrom Rack did you go to, nwhite? I went to the Topanga, CA and didn't find any Lita. Sigh....I hope there would be leather ones coming up for us...
  7. I love the Botkier Lita. I have one in taupe "snakeskin" and and the fuschia one. Not easy to find the leather ones!
  8. I hope so too! I went to the Dallas, TX store. I guess you never know what your going to find there. The last few times I went I didn't see any Botkiers :sad:
  9. Lucky you!!
  10. where and when did you get your taupe snakeskin, fabae? I just saw a picture of it online, and it is TDF!!!
  11. I got it from Piperlime. I can't remember exactly when - I stalked it FOREVER - may have been last October.
  12. well, lucky you, fabae....I'm sure you'll enjoy the bag for years to come....:smile:
  13. Yea! I just bought a Lita Hobo!! I will post pics when I get her :smile:
  14. Congrats! What color did you get? Nylon or leather? :graucho:
  15. GP - It's not the nylon :graucho: