help looking for black patent simple pump n light gold metallic

  1. hi everyone,
    i am in desperate need of your kind help, i want to buy for my mom a black simple pump (no platform) patent in 39 and i have been searching Saks but they run out, anybody seen this? ow and the store has to be able to do intl shipping.

    another one is, i want a shoes in nude or beigy or goldish color size 38, please help me make a decision;

    -LIGHT metallic GOLD, i saw it on eBay materna yoyo but e size is too big. do u know where i can find it? it can be simple pump or yoyo or bery prive etc2.
    -GREASE simple pump in beige (anybody knows where to get this?)
    - DECLIC 100cm in nUDE PATENT (also dunno whre to get it, all these major store has run out..)

    please2 help me, time is ticking i need to get these shoes asap thx ladies.
  2. I think I saw the black patent and the grease beige/gold ones at Vancouver Holts the other day. I'm not sure if they ship international but you can give them a try. I believe both the simple pumps are in 85mm.
  3. barneys website has the black patent simple with no platform, all sizes.
  4. oh nooo the barneys website has the black patent but only in 100, the 85 they only have kid leather n NO size 9/39.

    i will try to call nm n barneys, so what do u guys think? should i get the simple pump or yoyo in greasy beige? or should i get declic in nude patent instead? all the loubs that i have are only simple pumps hiks..

    thx for your superb help =)
  5. I looked at that greasy beige today and I really like it. I wish they still had the pewter available.
  6. yupe i like greasy too =) anybody knows what model these greasy comes in other than simple pump and yoyo?

    i have called neiman, saks, bergdorf, nordstrom, barneys and NONE of them have simple pump 85 black in patent or kid leather in size 39...anybody else knows??? thx
  7. I saw the VP's in Greasepaint over here in Hong Kong but I'm not sure about the US. We also have the patent AND kidskin for the black Simple 85's and 70's but I don't know how you'll get them to the US.
  8. Actually I might, lemme see if I can find the link....brb
  9. I saw the black patent "classic" simple at Saks beverly hills yestereday. I don't know what sizes they had though.
  10. hi, i bought the greasy in yoyo already from saks, but im still looking for black patent or kid leather in simple 85 size 39 and its not available mom's bday is coming soon and i dont know what to get her =(