Help....looking For Audra Bag

  1. Please help, has anyone seen the Audra bag anywhere in any color???
  2. Diabro has some - about four different colours!
  3. Boutique is having a sale at 50% off with Audra's. Give them a call. Or, try to get Nordstrom to match boutique prices. You can find # to boutiques at
  4. ^^These sales are awesome, but I wish they weren't around Christmas. I'm broke as it is & now I want more Chloe bags!
  5. The FL Chloe Boutique has a tan one (or did).
  6. Thanks for all your help
  7. dsrm...

    So don't leave us in suspense...did you find one? Was it on sale? What color?
  8. My SA thinks she found one and will let me know, hopefully and yes it is on sale but not at 50%:tdown:
  9. If it is Nordstroms, they should be able to price match it for u.