Help...looking for amethyst pink city with gold hardware

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  1. Hi everyone.....I am desperately trying to find the amethyst pink city w gold hardware...I have tried all the balenciaga stores, neimans, and saks, and they are sold out.

    anyone know of any other boutques that sell bbags...I have to find this bag!!! I know I could probably find on ebay, but I would prefer to buy at a store...if anyone can help Id be so grateful:idea:
  2. I have not seen one, but I imagine this color combo would be GORGEY!
  3. someone just posted in the bal paris thread that there's a nice amethyst ggh city for sale. if you don't mind getting it shipped (plus customs tax) you could get it from there:smile:
  4. I called like 15 places looking for a RH or covered RH amethyst city and no one had one :crybaby:, but one of the stores had GGH. I didn't take note of which one, but it may have been Barneys. I called every Barneys and every Saks that carries Bal. I know I'm not much help, but there is at least one GGH left in the US.

    If anyone sees or hears of a RH or CRH amethyst city please please PM me!
  5. check I think they have one!
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    hi !on they have a giant work ,it is not a city ,it has a wonderful leather though:graucho: