Help - Looking for a Style Number

  1. The really nice SA's at a Coach by me said they could pre-order my boots for PCE if I could give them a style number, cause their computer wasn't showing the boots based on the name. Can anyone help me out?

    Coach "Faith" style boots

  2. I believe the style number is A7168 and retail for $228?
  3. I will give that a shot. Can anyone else confirm?
  4. I believe they are at the coach store columbus circle in NY, zip code 10019 i dont remember if they are on sale but i believe they are
  5. If I call them will they let me use PCE and ship them to me?
  6. i think so!
  7. On my to-do list tomorrow: Call that store and order those boots! They are definitely not on sale around here!
  8. So scratch that - I got these boots today at Macy's. They were 25% off, plus I used Friends and Family for an extra 20% off of that! Boots that were originally $218 cost me $143 with tax. Amazing deal!

    I had to put them under the tree for Christmas (it was my last gift) so I can't take pics until then.