Help.........looking For A Shrug!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been on the search for a Shrug and wondering how hard they are to find?

    Wishlist :yes:
    1. Day in Grenat, 2. Purse in Brown'ish color, 3. City in Ink, 4. Shrug


    Still on the hunt for my first bbag :lol:
  2. Barneys in Manhasset had a couple of shrugs last time I checked...I think they were ink and white. Their phone is 516-627-5200.
  3. There was the cutest white shrug @ NM SF last time I was there
  4. Thanks!! I will call first thing tomorrow!!
  5. I just purchased a day in grenat from Balenciaga NY. I,too, was interested in a shrug until I read a PF member talking about the inconvenience of the hook in the front. So...after I saw how amazing the day looked on someone, I went for it!:yahoo: They are the same price or close to it and the day just seems more convenient!
  6. And the day has that rock-n-roll moto edge. The shrug is beautiful but not that obvious Balenciaga look at first glance.
  7. I too am looking for a shrug (b/c it is not so moto ish).

    Has anyone seen one recently? No white or pale pink... Looking for a s/s carmel, f/w truffe, or any other great color.