Help! Looking for a Clutch!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am looking to buy some solid colored clutches (I want a basic black, but also a couple of fun colors to spruce up a plain outfit). I don't want to spend too much (less than $100 each), as I probably won't be using them too much.

    Any idea where I can find some. Preferably leather also.

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  4. i just bought my 1st clutch just for going out and i didnt want to spend too much
    i got this great one at wilsons leather, it was orig. $34
    now its on sale for $20 and its all leather, very soft has a little sheen but NOT patent looking (im not a patent fan)

    what is great is, its a clutch but it has a silver tone thin chain strap attached inside that you can keep inside to just hand hold it OR you can put it over your shoulder and it sits perfectly flat against the body its really perfect! :smile:


    comes in black, brown, white and baby blue
    Mini Pleated Clutch

    • With a stylish vintage design, this genuine leather clutch features a polished metal chain strap.
    • Polished metal chain strap (Drop: 11)
    • Silver-tone bead clasp closure
    • 6 card slots and 2 currency pockets
    • H 4.25 x W 8.5
  5. thanks, everyone for the great suggestions!!!
  6. if youre looking for modest priced clutches, my friend jessica swears by la regale bags.. i dont know much about them but i checked their site just now and they have some very nice clutches for not too much..
  7. I would have to agree with the Hobo clutch. I bought one about 4 years ago and the leather is nice for the price. It looks more expensive than what I really paid for the bag. The Hobo has also held up well and it still looks fashionable.
  8. haha nice name!!
  9. ^ It's very early here and I thought you were talking to yourself for a moment there! :roflmfao:
  10. im not going to lie i confused as well at first for a second
  11. i was a little confused too!
  12. haha.. so does anyone know anything about those la regale bags i posted about before? because there are are some really nice ones on the site but the prices are too good to be true