Help: looking for a bag for my mom!

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  1. My mom was always a fan of the Cherry Mini Monogram Lin that LV had about 1.5 years ago (I think). I have never seen it in person (either has she), so I am wondering if anyone has any modeling pics with one of these bags? Any pics at all are helpful. Anyone know the various styles this color was made in?

    What she needs:
    1. something that can hold a lot of crap (she has her Tulum PM stuffed to its breaking point).
    2. Something with a zipper (reason she didn't get the BH)- she has a fear of losing/getting things stolen
    3. Something that can be worn on the shoulder (she is a working mom!)

    I found a Josephine in this color from Ann's, I'm considering it but not too sure about the handle's length (are they good for shoulder wear?).

    I really trust and appreciate fellow tPFer's opinions! Thanks for the help!
  2. I have the Palermo PM and its a wonderful monogram shoulder bag...holds a ton too.
  3. saleya mm or gm?