HELP looking for a $500 Purse

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  1. Hey everyone, I need your help.
    Im looking for a cute purse that's $500 dollars or less, for a 16 year old. I want it to be a cute gift that she will really like.
    Any ideas? Im open to any brand that is well known.

  2. does she like classic style or funky/ typical 16 year old style?
    if she likes the funky one, juicy might be good.
    i saw so... many young girls who look girly wear juicy. i think their bags are really cute. if she likes kinda classic style, maybe you can buy her a coach bag.
    i just saw one that other day in Nordstrom. iits leather and look classic. i think its about $300.
  3. Try Kooba. They have hip bags made w/ awesome leather. There's a LOT on sale right now too!
  4. Check out Active Endeavors' handbags. They have a lot of cool, funky bags in that range.
  5. i totally forgot about kooba....
    how bout marc by marc jacobs?
  6. I think the Gerard Darel bags are really pretty! [​IMG] a picture: This is from the Bergdorf Goodman website; you can find it by doing a search under gerard darel.
  7. What do we think about this,
    Im going to get her this Juicy Couture tote for $370.00 and these Juicy Couture sunglasses for $185.00.
    Is it a good idea or is it too much? Also what are your opinions on the purse?
    _5236329.jpg _5152092.jpg
  8. eh, the bag I could go without. Is she really girly??? If so I don't know she'll want black.

    Just trying to think back to 16..I wanted cute :smile:

    the sunglasses though..HOT!
  9. She is a really girly girl.
  10. Hi, by "girly", do you mean she loves feminine, floral or lacy stuff? Must it be a well-known designer?
  11. She is really into feminine stuff. Preferably yes, but as long as it is good quality then it's good.:flowers:
  12. i'm 16 and i'm currently really into MARC by marc jacobs. but i'm not into really really feminine stuff, so it might not be right for this girl. how about coach stuff? alot of the girls my age love showing off their coach stuff.