Help! Looking desperately for MJBMJ Cat Charm Key Chain!!!

  1. Allo Dolls,

    I am looking for the MJBMJ Cat Charm Key Chain. Saw it on the website but wasn't able to locate it on shopping sites or eBay.

    I called the Singapore MJBMJ shop, and they said they weren't bringing it in. Horrors!

    Does anyone know where I can get one??? *desperate look*

  2. can you post a pic so we know what it looks like?
  3. there was one on eBay...lemme see if i can find it for you
  4. MBMJ SF store has it. i saw it at the boutique as well.
  5. I think only MBMJ stores carry it? It's under the special items and it retails for $12. I've been wanting to get the dog key-chain but I cannot justify paying $20 for the shipping when the key-chain is only $12! :sad:
  6. Thanks Jun, that's the one!

    I am looking for the one in brown, and its irksome the MJBMJ store here does not bring it in. Their collection is so limited!

    Guess I will have to keep scouring Ebay, and get it authenticated first by the peeps here. :p
  7. Yep but I reside in Singapore, far removed from the wonderful US shopping scene so boohoo no Cat Key Chain for me. :crybaby: Does the website ship internationally? Sigh, even then it would cost a bom!
  8. I'm not sure if the website ships internationally but I guess you can try your luck and call to ask if they ship internationally. Then again, shipping would cost so much more than the key-chain! *sigh*
  9. Aw great, now I need a black one! I have a black kitty and a tortie - and I think I need one of these key chains to hang off my new TT Faridah. :tup:

    jun - Is this the gun charm you want? CLICK

    It's adorable! I love it!
  10. yup. that's it! my wardrobe is kinda rock and roll so i think it'd work nicely:rochard:...put a lil edge on my stams too....i've got that one on my watch list:supacool:
  11. ohh. that's cute. i'm home for the holidays (nyc) so i'll have to take a look :biggrin:
  12. If you happen to see the kitty charm in black and just so happen to get an extra one, let me know!
  13. Yep shipping will definitely do me in. I am le sad... :crybaby:
  14. hahahah...yes, if one of those gun key chains happens to catch your eye and you just happen to maybe find it in your bag when you get home, please let me know too!