Help lol how long will elux keep stuff in my cart?

  1. I got the last item and they are close for 3 more hours and I need to have them ship to a US address and it wont let me put in a Canadian address I want this Stephen Sprouse shawl dang it ROFL !! Its the last one and sitting in my cart.

    Also, think they will ship it to the UPS office in Great Falls, MT closest US point I can pick it up?

  2. A very long time, as long as eLux has the item in stock & you are logged into your account.

    I think one tPFer had a MC Speedy in her cart for 2 years. She ended up purchasing the bag for the price from 2 years ago.

    I've had a speedy in my cart for months. I want to see how long I can keep it there.
  3. I always put stuff in my cart before a price increase.. that way I can buy it for pre-price increase price. I have had things in there for several months.
  4. I'm sure you can have it sent to UPS in MT. FYI, The days of keeping your things in the cart before a price increase is over. They just charge the difference to your cc. :shrugs:
  5. If it is elux's last item, they will not keep it in there very long.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Are you going to buy it.
  8. I just checked and the stuff I had put in my cart before the increase has now disappeared. It is not out of stock on elux. I wonder sometimes if elux people read here...:wondering
  9. WOW!!!!

  10. ^^^^^^^

    I really don't think this is fair to those of us who really WANT the item and can afford it at the time of purchase.
    I'm glad Elux is now releasing things out of idle shopping carts after time elapses. So just b/c it's in your cart, doesn't mean it will be available when you feel like buying it weeks or months later......
  11. Wow, thats insane.
  12. i called eLux about an item and the site said it was out of stock, so the rep grabbed one that was in someone's cart too long.

    I was like, "oh". I think it was my Azur Keepall