Help!......Location of a date code

  1. I have a medium monogram agenda,can't find the code anywhere! I don't want to ruin the card slots by pulling them apart too hard:confused1: . I bought it a few years ago from eBay,before I really knew what a date code was.Thanks for the help. You guys rock!
  2. Check the bottom of the back flap
  3. thank you so so much. That sucker is really HARD to find. I was afraid I was going to rip that flap. I got a flashlight and that helped. Thanks again. I am getting better at this! #SP0997......YIPPEE!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Hi All! I'm so not familiar with date codes and where they're supposed to be located. I own the following items, can anyone tell me where the date codes are located?

    Mini Lin Speedy 30
    Monogram Deauville
    Trapeze PM
    Papillon 30

  5. Hmm. I think the Mini Lin Speedy's is in the pocket..the Deauville's is on the underside of the vachetta tab with the heat stamp, the Trapeze's is stamped on one of the side seams in the pocket and the Papillon's should be along the seam on one of the 4 sides.

  6. The trapeze date code should be located in the inner pocket, on the side that has the leather tag with "louis vuitton made in france"
  7. I've been trying to look the date code for my mabillon, can anyone help me please??