Help locating deals on Dooney & Bourke!

  1. My friend wnats to buy his mother a dooney & bourke bag for Christmas.. hes wondering where he can find a good selection that are on sale??

    Please if you have seen any for a really good deal could you post it here for me?? That would be greatly appreciated!!! And if you are in NYC and have found it in department store here please let me know!@!!! TIA!

  2. Dooney and Burke goes on ridiculous sale in Belk but they are not dounf in states above VA?? I think My mom got a suede hobo for around 100 last weekend.
  3. thats sooo true and I love it. thats why I'm going to college in Chapel Hill right around Belks. Belk always has a selection of Dooney & Bourke and the red dot items have an extra off, like this weekend is an extra 30%:yahoo:. Up north, macys and Nordstrom generally have about 25% off but thats about it because all the employees just on them at 50% + their discount. I even got a pair of Juicy capris for $10 on the final summer clearance too!!!!!!!
  4. I'm not in NY, but every time I'm in my local TJ Maxx, I see a bunch of them - usually the Nile embossed croc ones, but some others too. HTH :smile:
  5. Here'e the phone number for the Belk Store At Southpark Mall in Charlotte, NC. Everyone is right...Belk has awesome sales with a fantastic selection of Dooney & Bourke. 704-364-4251 They are very helpful. Have your friend call the handbag department and I'm certain they will assist him and possibly even honor the sale w/o the coupon!
  6. I know all of the boutiques have a little sale section in the back. You should tell him to check it out. You can get bags for like $70.
  7. I have seen some dooney and bourke on sale at marshalls and loehmann's as well.
  8. I'm from NC and actually went to the better school in the area and must say that the Belk at Crabtree is the absolute BEST!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven't been recently definitely go. Their shoe section has been updated and they have severely expanded the bag section which is already good! I hate the Belk at Southpointe!
  9. Thanks guys!!! You were all very very helpful!
  10. If you go to the dooney and bourke website online there is a section on the top that says specials. They always have good prices
  11. ohh you JUST missed the doony bourke tent sale in norwalk, CT (which isnt very far from NYC). It was this past weekend- they have it every year at their factory. Its amazzzzing i got some serious deals! I wonder where they put it all after if doesnt sell at the tent sale?
  12. has some good deals on Dooney bags too! Also, some of them are offered on Easy Pay, so even if it is a little pricey, it can be paid off in installments with no interest. :tup:

    Also, they have some great deals where you get a purse, wallet, coinpurse, and keyfob all in one nice matching set!