*** Help locate a Soft & Chain Large Blue Flap!!

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  1. Hi, I am desperately searching for this bag! :search:

    If anyone has seen the soft & chain large blue flap bag in consignment stores/on eBay/bonanzle/malleries, etc. can you please PM me? And yes, I realize this is one of the most difficult to locate bags in the Chanel line....:wondering

  2. They pop up on ebay every now and then. I've seen about 3 or 4 in the span of a year.
  3. HAHA - thanks, so far I've seen the beige and black ones...no BLUE!! :crybaby:
  4. OK - so seriously, if you guys see this please let me know. Money is no object when it comes to getting this bag. No joke. To describe this bag as my HG is an understatement. :faint:
  5. I haven't seen a blue one on ebay in a while. I remember trying this bag on at NM and the price was about $2200. I saw one sell on ebay for around $3500:wtf:
  6. Since you have been so helpful to me by responding to my Chanel searches, I have been keeping my eye out for you for the blue Soft and Chain. I'll be sending a PM your way the minute I see it!!!!! Good luck! You really do deserve to find it.
  7. HAHA - thanks!! Hey if I'm looking for myself, might as well search for what other people like/want as well!!! People should just send me a list of their HGs....LOL

    vhdos - you need a signature so I can keep track of what your wishlist consists of. :smile:
  8. Ugghh, my wishlist is always changing it seems! I just can't seem to make up my mind. Since I only buy one or two Chanel's per year, I'm careful about what I choose. Also, when I buy a new bag, I put the old one in the closet and use the new bag everyday for about 6 months until I'm ready for the next one. I'm weird that way I guess???
  9. I'll keep my eyes open for you:smile:
  10. I just want to thank B for helping me finding this bag! You are a God send!!! :smooch:This is seriously my holy grail of holy grail bags. :yahoo:

    Enough of the rambling...here she is!! Sorry, no modeling pics until I stop salivating and get a hold of myself! :nuts:

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  11. Wow! That's fabulous news! What a beautiful bag. Looks just gorgeous. Congrats and can't wait to see the modelling pics.
    glad you got your holy grail,you've been most helpfull to me and others,congrats!
  13. OMG! You got it! Hooray, I'm so happy for you. How much did you have to spend? Worth every penny, I'm sure! Modeling pics please!
  14. Congrats!!! I hope you love it as much as I love mine!!!! Wear it well :tup:
  15. you found it?!?! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, once you've stopped salivating, please remember to post modelling pixx!!!!