HELP! Lizard skin- price, finish, rarity?


Do you like the Birkin in lizard?

  1. Yes! It's gorgeous!

  2. I like it

  3. I like it, but would rather get a croc!

  4. it's ok

  5. It's "not me"

  6.'s fugley!

  7. I don't like Birkins. Period.

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  1. I've contemplating a Birkin purchase, and I really like the lizard skin, but know nothing about it! I want a 32 HAC (btw, is there a HAC size between the 32 and 45?), but I don't know if it comes in that size, as I've only seen them in the reg 25. Does anyone have an estimate on price ( I was thinking it would be about the croc price) or how hard it is to get? Last question: is there a matte and shiny finish?

    Thanks everyone! Any knowlege would be greatly appreciated!:biggrin:

    Here's an eBay link:
  2. I have an orange lizard agenda and I'm liking it more and more each day.

    Last month, I also saw a matte lizard 25cm Birkin in chocolate brown and it was gorgeous.

    So, I guess it comes in matte and shiny.

    Although, I've been told that the shiny one might have a tendency to crack after a long, long time.

    The lizard is cheaper than croc.

    Here's the link to my orange agenda for you to see.
  3. I would love one!:nuts:
  4. I love all the Hermes exotics...
  5. I have more of a passion for croc bags. I collected them in Kellys a while back. Though, lizard is gorgeous.
  6. I'd pass on lizzard
  7. I haven't really thought about it but by the pictures it looks gorgeous~ I'd definitely put it to good use!
  8. not for me - I love the ostrich!
  9. I am not sure about the lizard actually but I am sure of ostrich and the croc.:lol:
  10. Love lizard, but would rather have croc! I am seriously in love with croc, and even the ostrich! TDF!!!
  11. I prefer ostrich or croc for bags, but I like lizard for accessories.
  12. I love the texture of lizard it's almost like it's glitttery.....Croc is nice but it's a little too popular..
  13. Same for me! :smile:
  14. Gigi, Greentea- do either of you know pricing or how common/ hard to get they are? Thanks!
  15. Valley - I saw last month a 25cm chocolate brown Birkin in matte lizard and palladium hardware. It was like 10,500 Swiss Francs or roughly 8,300 US dollars.

    I think you can order them like the ostrich and croc.
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