HELP - Liquid Plum Mahala - Yay or Nay?

  1. Help ladies!!!! I just called Casey in Chicago from robynbenz's recommendation asking if the Plum Liquid Patent & Suede Mahala was still available, thinking they are all sold out but she was able to locate one for me. :yahoo:

    Now my dilemna is should I get the bag? I was originally looking at the bag on Saks but in sage/bone and wasn't that fond of the color but saw a picture of it in plum and it was amazing :drool:. The problem really is I have never seen this bag IRL nor tried it on and I'm not sure if it is for me. Since it's on sale, I can't return it if it doesn't work out (and it's still a substantial amount of money for me) so my question to all you girls who have this bag is what do you think of it? Do you love yours and the color? What are your suggestions? I only have a few hours to decide.
  2. That's a tricky one! Plum and the new Blue liquid are my two favorite liquid patent colors. The plum is delicious. :love:
    Is there any way you can get to a JC boutique or Saks or something to at least try a Mahala for size and style?
  3. The soonest I can get to a JC boutique or Saks would be tomorrow and Casey said that she would have it on hold for a few hours. I didn't ask her if she could hold it until tomorrow but since it's a sale item, I highly doubt it. She just sent me a few pics and the patent leather looks REALLY shiny, almost mirror like, but the pics off the website look more subtle. Anyone have this bag that can offer me some advice? TIA!
  4. Robynbenz has this bag and posted photos om the bag - it looked amazing.
  5. Thank you for all your replies Bella, Starbuxxx, Mick & Jburgh and especially for all the links. Seeing all the extra pictures helped. I've decided to do it. There's only one left at JC so if I give her up now I may never be able to find one. I guess I'm lucky to be able to get the last one, but I'm really hoping I love her otherwise I'm totally in trouble for spending so much on a bag I don't like. Please please please don't be too bulky or shiny.
  6. Take a deep breath. That is one gorgeous bag, and she is all yours. :yahoo:
  7. I have never seen a JC in person that didn't look better in person than in pics! Congrats on your purchase, it is a great one!!
  8. halunfishie this bag is TDF:drool: When Casey sent me the photo of the bag last May, she had just unpacked it and emailed the photos to me. I had NEVER spent that much on a bag and never on a bag that whas NOT on sale :hysteric:

    I was on the phone with Casey in less than 5 minutes and I said 3 words to her....


    I have never purchased something that expensive, so quickly without thinking it over :wtf: But I have never had one regret!

    I hope you Love the bag as much as I do. Aside from my Jungle Baby, which I flew to the next Continent for, I have never loved a bag as much:yahoo:
  9. Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it, don't 4-get to post pics :flowers:

  10. i am slightly worried about these two things too,;) but i think this bag is gonna "speak to us" with it's beauty:girlsigh::heart:...i will pm you as soon as i get mine and let you know what i think...k?:tup:
    and for now....congrats!:yahoo: you got the last one and at 30% off! yay for you!:yes:
  11. I'm sure you will LOVE the bag. JC bags look even MORE beautiful in real life that can't be captured in pictures. I initially purchased the Ramona with the watersnake trim because it was different. The (online) calfskin pics looked so plain to me. But when I saw it in person in the slick leather, OMG I couldn't stop staring at it. Couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm sure the lady thought I was going to steal it off of her... if I hadn't found it on sale, I probably would have hunted her down and done so LOL
  12. I agree, the Plum is definitely a keeper. I find JC is really good with extraordinary colors, like Balenciaga. I think I'm more hook on JC than Balenciaga. I was formerly a lurker in Balenciaga forum and decided to venture out. Once I"m in JC forum...I know I have to have one Mahala when I chanced upon the EB one carried by LiLo. I hope I won't stop at one. BTW, Congrats, you've got yourself a winner!
  13. I concur. Plum's a keeper! Goodluck! :tup:
  14. I have the Plum in the Malena style, and it is absolutely gorgeous! I never received so many compliments the first time I wore it...

    I am sure you will love it!!