Help!! Lipstick on signature Wristlet

  1. Does anyone know how to get lipstick out of signature fabric? My daughter was into my lipstick & accidentally got a small amount on the outside of my wristlet.:sad: I tried soap & water but that didn't work. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Coach makes a signature fabric cleaner. I believe it's ten dollars and can be bought at a store or on.Coach's website.
  3. if the lipstick is oily, like it has an oil in it, then it wont come out with the signature fabric cleaner.

    did the cleaner work?

    you can try the magic eraser (that removed some unknown spot from my sig carly that didnt come out with the fabric cleaner)
  4. There is a product sold in most grocery stores for home dry cleaning. The product is named "Dryel" inside the home kit is a little bottle for spot cleaning. I once took lipstick out of a silk Hermes scarf with it very successfully. You follow the instructions included in the kit, have a hair dryer ready to dry the area immediately so that there is no ring.
  5. my cousin said she got lipstick on her sig wallet and took it out using hairspray . . . risky, but interesting.