Help! Lippi Cat Bag??

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forums, and will like some information on a bag made by LV called the "Lippi Cat" (?) - which was featured on the New Catwalk line from Milan or Paris (?)

    Anyways, if anyone has any pictures or knows when it will be available I would be truly grateful!


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    Please anyone??
  3. it's probably the Leopard glomesh-trimmed bags for winter.
  4. hm... sorry, i have no idea :sad:
  5. [​IMG]

    Hi girls i just found this pictures anyone knows anything about it?
  6. I don;t know anything about this bag..It seems pretty big..
  7. I know exactly what you're talking about! There was a spread in Elle magazine (I think it was Elle...) where they were showing a collage of trends for F/W 2006. There was a close-up of a Louis Vuitton runway bag with leopard embellishments. They labeled it Lippi Cat. I don't know what the significance of Lippi Cat is exactly, other than a cute name for Leopard. There will be 4 Monogram Leopard runway bags produced for F/W, starting at $3500. According to 1-866-Vuitton, here's what will be available:

    4 styles
    1. the Stephen (similar in style and shape to a speedy, with rolled handles and a detachable tortoiseshell shoulder strap) $4600
    2. a shoulder bag that buckles in the front $4060
    3. the Frame bag (similar to the Manhattan PM without the front pockets) $3500
    4. the steamer bag $5500

    The descriptions are not the best, it's what I quickly jotted down while speaking with the CSR at 1-866. The bag in that runway pic could be the steamer. I'll see if I can get some better pics! Hope that helps. :heart:
  8. Here are the others!

    I think this is the Frame Bag?

    Most likely the "Stephen"


    I got on the waiting list for the Monogram Leopard Frame Bag. It's not likely that I'll actually get the call to pick one up, but I'm saving up for it anyway!

  9. its amazing cllection this winter ...i love the Leopard frame bag its beautiful but i tried calling my local supplier for loius viutton and he replied that its alredy gone the whole collection of the leopard can you imagine
  10. Dang, I wish you posted this yesterday! I was at the store and was looking through their catalog with prices and release dates! But I was getting info about other bags.:sad:
  11. any way thanks alot daniel your the best:biggrin: .......i wish we can get front views though :sad:
  12. No problem at all, Naughty Star! I wish I had more pics... I'll be on the prowl for front-views. I looooove Leopard, so these items have a special place in my heart! :heart:

  13. Sorry don't know anything about it, but that bag is GORGEOUS!!!:roflmfao: Nevertheless, I think I can identify the runway model who's carrying that bag in your pic! lol I think she's Jessica Stam or
  14. GORGEOUS right know for the last three years the winter collection is sooooooooooo special ,daring and different.
  15. I LOVE the Stephen :love: :love: :love: