HELP! Lipgloss on my new bandeau!

  1. okay so first bandeau, first time wearing it. I would ruin it.
    so I wore it in my hair like a headband...well its really windy out and it blew the end right into my mouth and got lipgloss all over it. (in lips shape, top and bottom)
    I am like freaking out!
    is there anyway to get lipgloss out of silk?
    its not thatttt noticible but...I know it'll bother me.
    its on the bottom at least where its brown and a little on the dark pink. (its the champs elysses rose bandeau)

    PLEASE tell me there's a way to save it!
  2. i tried just luck.

    i just tried wetting it then using a soft toothbrush & some baby wash & we'll see if that works.

    no one has ever gotten anything on a bandeau before??
  3. Hmmm.....maybe try a shout wipe or call LV and ask for their suggestions?
  4. Yeah, I'd call LV and ask them what to do. Good luck! :flowers:
  5. Dry cleaners should be able to clean it out. Good luck.
  6. Oh no so sorry I hope it comes out
    if it makes you feel better I got lip gloss on the vachetta stap on my mono musette salsa on it's first outting
  7. Use a soft wipe with warm water and a little bit(small) drop of soap and wipe gently....and let it air dry.
    If it doesn't work i agree with John,call lv.

    Good luck!!
  8. Dry cleaning may solve the problem.
  9. Just let your cleaners know that the stain is there, and the sooner you get it to them the better chance they have of getting it out. My cleaners have done wonders even with vintage chanel and hermes scarves with vintage stains of unknown orgins.
  10. lol. "vintage stains of unknown origins" lmfao.

    but okay the toothbrush and baby wash got a lot of it out...I think if I do it again it will be all good.

    there's a bit of a water mark now though but I think I can probably blend it.
    I'm scared about leaving it at the dry cleaners..I don't have a regular...but one of the times I went my fav skirt (at the time) got lost so I am always worried about it. and I love this bandeau.

    ill keep you updated. thanks everyone
  11. Good luck & let us know. I agree that it is terribly difficult to find a dependable dry cleaners. Every time I move I probably go through 4 or 5 cleaners before I find one that I like and feel that I can trust my "specials" to and not just some regular work clothes.
  12. Maybe it won't be too noticeable to you, keep us updated, all these little "oopsies" teach us all what to do when it happens to us.
  13. maybe use Mr.Magic. Not sure if it'll work on silk.
  14. Don't worry it will come out. Same thing happen to me, took it to the dry cleaners and they took the lipgloss off.
  15. I hope you get it all out!!!