Help! Limited Edition Chanel nail polish color in Asia only??


Dec 7, 2007
Southern California
I can't stop thinking about this gorgeous sheer pink Chanel polish I tried on while perusing duty free at the HK airport last week. Unfortunately it was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT! I thought I could find it back here in the US but I haven't been able to locate it thus far, plus the Chanel SAs here don't seem to have any idea what I'm talking about! :sad:

Does anyone know where I can find this limited edition nail color?? It's NOT Flamingo. There were two additional LE colors at the Chanel display when I saw it and both were very sheer and called something "gelee" (I think!). I really want to find the brighter one, not the paler sheer pink one, so I would be SO grateful if someone could tell me how/where to get it.:love:


D Girl

Sep 21, 2006
there is 4 pop art colors LE being released in the us in July. pink, purple, yellow, and red. Price will be $25.00. Is that what your talking about?
Apr 26, 2006
no, not pink satin...the color looks like a very bright almost hot pink, but it is very sheer. basically when you put it on your nail, it looks like clear polish, but your nail looks very pink and healthy. it is beautiful!!!

thanks anyway sophie...:smile:
this sounds amazing!!!