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  1. ive seen a lot of pictures of lovely bag accessorized with bandeaus that make them more beautiful :smile: thats why i decided to buy one (my first),

    but the problem is i only have budget:crybaby: for 1 bandeau and i need it to look good on mono and azur bags that i have

    please post picture! i really apreciate yor help :heart:
    thank you :smile:
  2. how about butterfly bandeaus???
  3. for mono and the azur I will get the wc bandeau or the butterfly bandeau in white....
  4. ^^ I agree .. I do like the purple pap one too:yes:
  5. I'm not going to be any different here...The papillon bandeaus are gorgeous! Go for the white or pink for mono and azur bags.
  6. I vote for the Papillon Bandeau! It is so cute and it will emphasize the beauty of your Mono and Damier bags! :smile:
  7. My vote is also for the butterfly bandeaus
  8. I suggest the white Papillon bandeau!!
  9. i cnt find the pics of the butterfly bandeau, cansome one pls post a picture? thank you
  10. the LVOE bandeau matches well with Damier Azur bags. I saw a picture here on tpf somewhere.
  11. brown papillon bandeau

  12. Here's the Papillon Bandeau in Violet and Brown on my Azur Speedy and if you click on the link below, you'll find other Bandeaus I put on the Mono Beaubourg ~ so you can kinda get the idea of some bandeaus that looks good with the Mono pattern ...HTH!


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  13. violet pop on the azur would be stunning...
  14. since azur has such a nice neutral color, practically any color bandeau would look really nice on it. but my personally favorite, anything from the papillon bandeau line. any of those colors are yummy!