Help!!! Lilac City

  1. I need help from all the lovely and expert ladies here!!

    I really REALLY am in love with the 06 lilac color city bag and I am wondering if it is impossible to find? :shrugs:

    I know there may be some on eBay but do they always pop up? or if I see one now should I grab it?

    Please kindly let me know!!

    Thank you!! :heart:
  2. Lately I've seen a few pop up on eBay but I think they are still quite rare, especially in good condition. If you see one that makes your heart flutter you should grab it now!
  3. Thank you!! I will keep looking~~


  4. They don't come up that often in great condition, if you see one nab it or someone else will :smile:
  5. They do come up, but rarely, and they go fast. You have to stalk *bay!
  6. i think there's a lilac city on ebay right's really lovely. am not sure if it's the one you're looking for though. goodluck!