Help! Leopard Pigalles!

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these shoes? I heard they were on sale at BG is that true? If so how much are they selling them for? Does anyone have the item number for them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. They were on sale at Barneys and NM a few weeks ago.
  3. They are sold out now at BG. I have only seen them on eBay these days.
  4. Do you know how much they were going for?
  5. on eBay I saw them in the $700+ price range. My guess is they were bought on sale and sellers are placing the starting bids or buy it now at regular price.
  6. here is the whole sku , not sure which numbers you will need, I picked them up onsale for 497.00, 5 something w/ tax

    324 551 f8018


    119304 1808L0

    021 MDBRW

    hope this helps, they are a great pair:heart::heart:
  7. saw them on sale at nm 2 weeks ago
  8. Just wanted to clarify there are 2 types of leopar Pigalles -- the leopard PATENT Pigalle which NM/Barneys/Saks/etc. got, and the leopard PONY Pigalle with classic/straight heel which BG (and only BG) got and sold-out of. Those are 2 diff't shoes.
  9. If you want the patent 70mm try Saks. They have them on sale. I got mine last week.
  10. I've been looking for the leopard pony pigalles and they didn't have my size at bg. I was so bummed
  11. i saw a pair of the pony hair at BG today on the sale rack at BG today. You may want to try calling.
  12. I saw them at NM a week ago..try calling them.
  13. Javaboo - which shoe are you looking for, the patent or the pony hair leopard? I have seen the patent leopard in various heights at numerous locations because I don't think that shoe was very popular in neither the brown nor the blue patent. I have seen tons of that shoe at Saks, Barneys and other places.
    I have seen the leopard pony hair with the 100mm heel at BG on sale, I actually picked up a pair and I love them. As of yesterday afternoon, they still had them in a size 39 and I saw a few other pairs in various other sizes. I have a size 37.5 and 38 and I will likely be returning one pair in the next few days.
  14. Thanks everyone, I've been sooo busy these pass few days I wasn't able to reply.

    Kamilla: I'm looking for the Pony hair one in a size 5 (if they have it). Do you have the reference number of the shoe?

    Thanks all and have a Merry X-mas!