HELP: leopard heels?

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  1. Hi ladies- this is my first time posting in the shoe, first of all Hello!

    A quick question for you all. I am looking for a leopard print mid height heel. I've been looking everywhere but haven't found a pair i was crazy about.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Saw these on sale the other day.

  3. I have a gorgeous pair from Via Spiga that I bought at Macy's in November. Now they're on clearance (I paid full price, it figures). They are very high, with a round patent leather toe. I'm at work so sorry I can't post any pics now ...
  4. Have you tried searching for a pair on eBay? I'm not sure what price range you're looking for, but Louboutin has a bunch of Leopard heels (like the Yoyo Zeppas or the Leopard Very Prive) These have pretty high heels, though. Then there's the Steve Madden Lemore, but these are pretty high too :p
    I realize that this probably wasn't much help since you're looking for mid hight heels, I'm just trying to say that if you do a search maybe you'll find something that caters to your taste :flowers:
  5. <LI class=first> <LI class=first>I have never added a link before, so I hope this helps, but here is a page with a ton of leopard-print shoes. I have the Guess leopard print shoes, and LOVE them, although my heel is a bit higher!!!
  6. thanks girls!

    i would loooove a pair of louboutin's- a bit high for me right now though. maybe i'll just ave and get them though rahter than waste money on a pair i dont love.

    stills earching though.
  7. I just bought a pair of these CD Leopard Peaks - they are absolutely scrumptuous - and comfy and easy to walk in too! Charles David heels are definitely some of my favorites!
  8. If you live in the UK, i recommend going into New Look. They have gorgeous leopard skin heels there, not to high. Sorry if you don't live in the UK.:confused1: